Condensate tank pumps


RectorSeal, Houston, Texas introduces the Aspen Pumps M4R series and RTP (RectorSeal Tank Pump) series of condensate tank pumps. The product line offers tank pumps for most residential and commercial applications ranging from entry-level to premium models. All with water level float mechanisms, thermal overload protection and safety cut-off switches that inactivate the system. The three-model M4R series features a noise rating of less than 45-dB at one-metre. The M4R line-up’s 230-V and two 110-V models are designated by 15, 17, and 20-foot head capacities. The RTP series consists of one 230-V and two 110-V models with either 15 or 24-foot head capacities. It features a reliable float arm design and a half-gallon tank.



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