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Ep. 02: Contractors’ Roundtable                                                                                                 Sponsored By:

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Episode Description:

For over a year now, we’ve heard these rumblings about this “new normal.” But what exactly does this mean to HVAC/R contractors? Although it’d be easiest to say that ALL contractors have gone through the same experiences in this pandemic, life as a contractor just isn’t that simple.

We spoke with two commercial contractors as part of this Contractors’ Roundtable — Tim Padfield of Pad-Car Mechanical and Scott Munro of Opus Mechanical. The former from Alberta;  whilst the latter from Ontario. Talk a listen as both talk about their experiences through the pandemic and their best practice suggestions to their fellow contractors. As Scott eloquently puts it — “culture cannot be created remotely.”

In the second half of the episode, our hosts chat with Paul Tomlin of AO Smith about thermal expansion. As the temperature of a hot water heater rises, this is when thermal expansion occurs. Listen to Paul discuss ways to combat this issue, including the well-known expansion tank. Did you know that they need to be charged? Our expert will tell you how.

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Ep. 01: Attracting Youth to the Trades                                                                                           Sponsored By:

General Pipe Cleaners

Episode Description:
“We need to talk.” When you hear this from a spouse or friend, you might think the worst has come. You think back to everything that you’ve done wrong in the past, and might even make up things that you haven’t done but just aren’t so sure.

Well, today we are saying this with the best of intentions. But, we do still need to talk.

We need to attract more people to the trades. It’s as simple and complicated as that. With the current ageing workforce, we are on the precipice of not having enough tradespeople. One solution is to take a look at the younger generation. We need to have the next crop of students think about the trades as a viable career. It provides an exciting and challenging opportunity for those looking to enter the workforce.

Take a listen to some industry leaders and their best approach to how we can attract more people to the trades. Enjoy!

Followed by our drain cleaning expert — General Pipe Cleaners. Listen to Dave Dunbar discuss the latest concerning spring technology in snake drain cleaners. Go check it out.

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