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News > Products > 10/28/2011  
Smart zone valve
The Taco Zone Sentry provides improved control in zoned hydronic heating systems.

The new Zone Sentry zone valve by Taco is designed to enhance the overall performance of any zone valve system.

It uses a microcircuit-based logic to control a gear-driven electronically-actuated ball valve to control fluid flow, while using up to 93 percent less energy than common zone valves and also delivering greater flow capacity, shutoff pressure rating, ease of installation and diagnostics, and the number of valves (12) that can be used on a standard 40VA transformer, reports the manufacturer.

Zone Sentry valves were designed primarily for baseboard, fan coil, radiator, convector, heat pump and radiant applications. They are available in ½, ¾, and one-inch sizes and draw just 1.44 watts for better energy efficiency in residential and light commercial applications. 

Easy to install, the forged-brass valve body can be installed in any direction or orientation and the one handed lift-off actuator helps in tight spaces. Wiring is via snap-in quick connects on the back of the valve. A green multi-function LED light shows the valve’s operation and thermostat status. A manual override button with auto re-engagement allows the ball to be rotated to any position and is marked with a slot to indicate the exact position of the valve. 

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