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News > Products > 10/28/2011  
Product Profile - Made in Canada
The new Napoleon 9600 high efficiency gas furnace is compact and efficient.

Napoleon bills its new 9600 Series two-stage variable speed gas furnace as “the only high efficiency gas furnace made in Canada,” which is perhaps a sad comment on the state of Canadian manufacturing these days. However, the Barrie, Ont. manufacturer’s new gas furnace offers up to 96 percent AFUE efficiency along with other features that minimize energy use, provide a high comfort level for the homeowner and make installation quick and easy for the contractor.

It features a variable speed DC drive ECM motor. The burner fires at 60 percent of input on the low stage. A “Sureview” window offers a unique view of the flame in operation. This is a useful service feature as today’s ECM motor driven furnaces are so quiet it can be difficult to tell if they are operating. And sometimes the contractor can quickly diagnose a problem over the phone by asking the homeowner to check if the burner is coming on.

The furnace can be mounted in multiple positions and venting can be either single pipe or a two-pipe direct vent system. And, at just under 33 inches high, it is one of the more compact high efficiency furnaces on the market. It is easily convertible to propane and can be used with single or two-stage thermostats. It is available in capacities from 45,000 to 120,000 Btu/h.

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