Alta. energy savings program accepting applications


Edmonton, Alta—Businesses in Alberta could receive funding for energy savings as part of an Emissions Reduction Alberta run program. The Energy Savings for Business Program (ESB) will begin to accept applications on Feb. 1.

On Nov. 2, the provincial government announced up to $55 million in funding towards the program. It focuses on small- and medium-sized businesses. The program’s objective is to reduce emissions, decrease operating costs, grow their operations and become more competitive, all whilst creating skilled jobs and supporting the economy. Up to $250,000 is available per project and up to $500,000 per parent company is available to cover the cost of products and services.

Cost-effective energy-efficient products and onsite energy generation technologies are eligible for incentives through this program. This includes compressed air measures, process heating, refrigeration, food service, HVAC, motors and drives, water heating, solar PV, combined heat and power, lighting systems, and building envelope and windows.

All businesses and non-profits serviced by an Alberta electric utility are eligible, except for residences, new construction projects, municipally, federal and provincially owned buildings, publicly funded institutions and large emitters. Eligible organizations include, but not limited to, individual businesses, non-profit organizations, co-operatives, private schools not eligible for government funding, common spaces and equipment in multi-unit residential buildings, and farms registered as a business.

For contractors that provide installation services for commercial and industrial efficiency products and onsite energy generation technologies, this program is supposed to add value to your business. Contractors can help their customers retrofit their buildings. By registering with Emission Reductions Alberta, contractors will have access to the program portal, where applicants can then assign your company to their application. Training and resources to help increase business through the program are also available. Participants and contractors can join an online webinar on Feb. 2 at 1 p.m. (MT) to learn about eligible measures, incentive levels, how to navigate the information available and provide a live demonstration of the program portal.


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