Alta. releases list of essential services


Alberta has declared the construction industry an essential service.

Projects and services associated with the healthcare sector, required to ensure safe and reliable operations of critical provincial and municipal infrastructure, demolition services, support health and safety environmental rehabilitation projects, that repair or render operable/safe any public elevators, escalators or ski lifts, that are required to ensure safe and reliable operations of critical energy infrastructure or support supply chains, and can safely abide by the CMOH Public Health guidelines/directives, are considered an essential service.

The intent of the list is to provide general guidance to business owners and operators, and it is not meant to be exhaustive. The plumbing and HVAC/R industry is represented on the list as part of the “other essential businesses” section of the announcement under “businesses that support the safe operations of residences and essential businesses.”

If a business type isn’t specifically listed as prohibited to operate, that business can continue operations. Workplaces that are not restricted or ordered to close can have more than 15 workers on a work site, as long as they follow all public health guidelines – including physical distancing.

Employers should self assess and find alternative ways to organize large meetings, should cancel workplace gatherings of 15 or more, employ mitigation strategies to limit risk, and continue business continuity planning to prepare critical operations for any potential interruption.


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