CIPH urges provinces to keep plumbing and heating industries on essential list


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The Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) has written a letter to premiers and health ministers urging them to keep the plumbing and heating industry on their essential services list.

“The plumbing, industrial pipe, fittings, and heating industry plays an essential role in maintaining the health and safety of Canadians and ensuring the uninterrupted service of our nation’s water, wastewater systems, manufacturing and business operations,” said the letter, sent by Ralph Suppa, CIPH president and general manager.

These industries manufacturers and supplies products like water supply pipes, valves and fittings, wastewater pipe, kitchen, lavatory, bath and shower supply and waste fitting, toilets, plumbing fixtures, furnaces, water heaters, and boilers, to name a few. These products support hospitals, seniors’ homes, emergency services, commercial, residential and other essential businesses.

“Out industry’s workforce is critical to ensuring all necessary plumbing and heating equipment is readily available for the ongoing operations of plumbing supply and waste systems that healthcare providers and other front-line personnel depend on to safely serve communities during these pressing times,” said the letter.


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