Geothermal group opposes natural gas expansion


The Ontario Geothermal Association (OGA) has announced that it will intervene in Ontario Energy Board hearings that are looking at an Ontario government plan to expand the province’s natural gas network into small towns and rural areas.

In a letter to members, OGA chair John Bosman (Bostech Mechanical, Listowel, Ont.) said: “Many in the geothermal heating and cooling sector are concerned that, if natural gas system expansion is permitted to go ahead at public expense with no consideration of more environmentally desirable options, the people of Ontario will not be well served and the geothermal industry will be short-changed from fulfilling its potential for widespread growth.”

The OGA is working to raise $25,000 from members to cover its costs for the hearings, which are intended to determine how to best recover costs of expanding natural gas services.

As reported previously, the geothermal industry has received strong support from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment that sees the technology as a key element in fighting climate change.

“In Ontario, we are in a position where this proceeding and outcome will have a ripple effect regardless of which way this goes, right from Vancouver to “The Rock.”  We as Geothermal Experts need to stick together,” remarked OGA director Ron J. Wright (Enertech Global) in a letter to members.

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