Grundfos raises $25,000 at charity event


Participants in Grundfos’ Walk for Water Canada event completed a 6km course while carrying a bucket of water for half the time in support of Water Mission.

Grundfos employees and members of the community joined together to participate in Walk for Water Canada – a fundraising event for Water Mission, a non-profit engineering organization that provides safe water and sanitation solutions to victims of the global water crisis. A total of $25,000 was raised at the event which saw close to 100 participants.

On Sept. 7 at Erindale Park, Mississauga, Ont., people walked with buckets in hand for a total of six kilometres. Each participant walked three km with an empty bucket, then filled their bucket with water from the Credit River. After walking an additional three km, each person emptied their water-filled bucket in a pool. The course was set to honour the millions of women and children in developing countries who make the trek every day to find and collect water.

“Walking for water is something people in many parts of the world must do in order to live, which we take for granted,” said Simon Feddema, president of Grundfos Canada. “Walk for Water is an awesome event that allows us to make a difference in people’s lives by partnering with Water Mission. It is inspiring to work for a company like Grundfos that strives to truly improve the quality of life for people in all regions of the world.”

After the pool was filled, the water was fed through a Grundfos SQ pump to Water Mission’s living water treatment system where the water was filtered. The organization bring clean water to 55 developing countries and disaster areas, worldwide.

Grundfos has been hosting these events for its employees since 2012, reports Michael Sosnowski, director of stewardship at Water Mission. “They started their walks in the midwestern United States and have branched out to the South and to Canada. This year, Denmark was added to the roster. Grundfos hopes to engage communities in Hungary, Serbia, Ghana and the Netherlands.”


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