HRAI engages with Ontario MPPs


Toronto, ON — Members of the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) met virtually with Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) from all four political parties at Queen’s Park to discuss issues impacting the industry and Ontarians. The discussions focused on the following issues:

  • Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation: HRAI’s Expert Advisory Panel’s recommendations on safe, secure indoor air and ventilation for schools, Long Term Care homes, retirement homes, healthcare, homes and commercial buildings.
  • Skilled Trades Consultations: Ensuring the HRAI and its members are involved in the stakeholder consultations and contributing ideas for improvements in training, apprenticeships, enforcement and governance of the trades.
  • Economic Recovery: Investing in a jointly funded federal and provincial Home and Building Retrofit program which will create jobs, reduce carbon and increase energy efficiency.

“HRAI held a number of virtual meetings with MPP’s from across the province to discuss issues ranging from building a stronger skilled trade base in Ontario, to improving Indoor Air Quality in buildings, and to how the HVACR sector can help the government meet goals linked to the province’s economic recovery and carbon reduction programs. In all, approximately 40 industry stakeholders were engaged and involved,” stated Sandy MacLeod, President & CEO of HRAI.

The HVACR industry and HRAI’s partner organizations share the government and elected officials’ strong commitment to collaborating on big bold ideas, and engaging in more opportunities to collaborate on economic recovery programs. HRAI was pleased with the engagement regarding these important policy issues, and looks forward to continuing dialogue with provincial government representatives.

“Working together on key issues, such as home and building retrofits, indoor air quality, and skilled trade’s development, the HVACR sector can continue to create jobs. The HVACR industry is well placed to support the government’s targets on economic growth, energy efficiency and carbon reduction. We look forward to continuing to work with the Government of Ontario and MPPs in achieving these goals,” concluded MacLeod.


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