IPEX showcases $55-million Edmonton plant expansion


On June 29 IPEX Inc., Oakville, Ont., unveiled its recently completed Edmonton plant expansion to stakeholders and guests at a reception. The development represents a $55.4-million investment for the company, which manufactures thermoplastic piping systems.

The 17,245-square-foot expansion brings the production of the largest diameters of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pressure and sewer piping to the Canadian market. It also allows IPEX, the sole manufacturer of molecularly oriented polyvinyl chloride (PVCO) pipe in Canada since 2008, to provide Western provinces with large diameter PVCO piping. It is designed to be lighter while providing increased strength and durability. It will be offered in sizes up to 30” diameter.

PVC and PVCO are widely used in municipal and commercial projects in Canada because of their corrosion resistance, hydraulic performance, and ease of installation.

“Alberta has been a strong proponent of our piping systems as a responsible choice for sustainable infrastructure for many decades,” said IPEX CEO Alex Mestress. “We are proud to be at the forefront of new technologies and products that let us serve our Canadian customers with unparalleled responsiveness for their current and future demands.” IPEX Bionex PVCO piping was previously manufactured exclusively at the company’s Montreal plant.

The plant also manufactures IPEX Centurion PVC in 14 to 60-inch diameters. It has a cast-iron outside diameter, making it compatible with existing older iron pipe infrastructure.

IPEX Ring-Tite PVC is also manufactured in Edmonton. It is available from 4 to 60-inch diameters and features high abrasion and sewage chemical resistance.

As a result of the expansion, 15 local full-time skilled tradespeople, including PVC extrusion line operators, design engineers, as well as quality control and maintenance workers will be joining the Edmonton plant.


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