Manitoba establishes energy efficiency corporation


The Manitoba government is planning to establish a stand-alone Crown corporation outside of Manitoba Hydro to deliver demand-side management (DSM) initiatives promoting energy efficiency and conservation.

The proposed agency, Efficiency Manitoba, would deliver a range of efficiency programs beginning with gas and electric energy, with possible long-term expansion into areas such as water and transportation programs. The proposed transition from Manitoba Hydro to Efficiency Manitoba is expected to take one year.

Its mandate would include reducing the effects of energy use on the environment, including reducing greenhouse-gas emissions as part of the province’s forthcoming climate and green plan.

The new legislation also includes annual energy savings targets of 1.5 per cent of annual domestic electricity demand and 0.75 per cent of annual domestic natural gas demand over 15 years.

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) will review three-year plans prepared by Efficiency Manitoba. The new Crown Corporation is also expected to be looking for private sector involvement in putting forward initiatives that would conserve energy.


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