Ont. safety association implements changes to inspection process


Ont. inspections of boilers and pressure vessels moving to a centralized approach. Photo: City of Toronto

Toronto, ON—Boilers and pressure vessels (BPV) and operating engineers (OR) inspections will now be moving to centralized scheduling in Ontario.

The announcement came on Jan. 29 by the Technical Standards and Safety Association (TSSA)—a not-for-profit and self-funded organization that provides public safety services on behalf of the government of Ontario.

As of March 1, to book an inspection, customers can reach TSSA agents by email or toll-free number. Customers are being asked to no longer call an inspector directly for BPV and OE inspections.

There are no changes for BPV customers who schedule inspections through an insurance company or inspection agency, and there will be no changes to the process when scheduling inspections via an insurer. The changes are for customers who already deal directly with TSSA.

More information related to BPV/OE inspection scheduling, including contact information and service levels, will be circulated in February.

An automated process for a certificate of inspection (COIs) will be implemented as of March 16. After an insurance company or inspection agency conducts a BPV inspection, owners are being asked to review and validate their record of inspection (ROI) online through TSSA’s new portal. Once the ROI is validated, customers will be able to pay online. Once payment is processed, customers can view, download and print their COIs from the portal rather than receiving invoices and certification by mail. Further details and a personalized portal registration link will be released in mid-February.


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