Sask. details essential services and limits gatherings to 10 people


Saskatchewan is amongst the latest provinces to release a comprehensive list of essential services that are allowed to continue operating while the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing. The province has also limited the size of public and private gatherings to a maximum of 10 people. All changes are effective as of March 26.

Included in the list of essential services is construction, production, processing and manufacturing and the supporting supply chain services. This means that construction firms, services performed by tradespeople in residential and commercial installations and landscaping services, rental equipment, building maintenance, repair and housekeeping, production, processing and supply chain of the energy and oil and gas sectors, and the production, processing and supply chain of the manufacturing, are now all considered essential services.

“As we impose further restrictions to fight the spread of COVID-19, we know this creates challenges for businesses in Saskatchewan and we know that providing as much clarity as possible is important,” said Premier Scott Moe. “We are already seeing the creation of a social distancing economy in Saskatchewan as many businesses adapt their service delivery to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


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