The Master Group awarded exclusive York rights


The Master Group, Boucherville, Que., has been awarded distribution rights throughout western Canada for York residential and commercial HVAC products. Currently, Master Group has exclusive authorized distributor rights for the York residential and commercial rooftop product line in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada.

On May 13, Master will become a non-exclusive distributor of ducted system products for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. This multi-year contractual commitment does not include industrial products.

“Given the success they have had with the York brand in eastern Canada and the high level of training and service that they provide for dealers, we are confident that they are the best company to grow the York brand in the Canadian market,” said Neil McDougall, vice president of ducted systems at Johnson Controls, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Over the past year, the Master Group has invested heavily in Western Canada. It acquired the Davies Supplies Group with locations in Saskatoon, Calgary, and Lethbridge, Alta. Master also added a branch in Winnipeg, a distribution centre and training facility in Calgary, and a new distribution centre in Burnaby, B.C. New B.C. locations are planned for Burnaby, Langley, Victoria, Nanaimo, and Kelowna, along with new Alberta branches in Calgary and Edmonton.


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