will connect contractors to training


Plumbing and HVAC Magazine has launched a new website designed to connect trades people seeking training with companies, colleges and organizations that offer it, all in one location.

“The goal is to create one space where contractors can find all the training that is available to them,” remarked P&HVAC publisher Mark Vreugdenhil.

And in case people think is just another money making effort, he noted that the site is entirely free for users; there is no charge to post training programs and no charge for contractors and their technicians to view the site and arrange training.

The concept is simple; a manufacturer, association or college will post the training it offers for the plumbing and mechanical trades. They also set the requirements for participation in their training programs, along with any costs.

Those wishing to take training contact the trainer directly though the site, filling out an application with their qualifications. The trainer can then decide who they accept into the course.

This allows those offering training to make sure that the people that sign up are actually qualified and keeps non-industry personnel from taking trade-only courses, noted Vreugdenhil. The site can also be used to offer plumbing and HVAC/R related business training.

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