Billing can now be sent through texts for American business management company


American management platform for businesses announced the addition of payment to its existing management tools. Businesses will now be able to use secure payments through text messages from the Podium, Lehi, Utah, platform.

“Podium is now our go-to for payments, not just for Webchat leads, but for any payment with a fan,” says Ty Wardle, vice president of ticket sales and services with the Utah Jazz.

“We went from spending two to five minutes per phone call trying to collect payments for tickets to just sending a convenient text. Not only does that make our team way more efficient, but it has improved our ticket buying experience to being one of the best in the NBA.”

Currently, their platform facilitates millions of customer interactions for more than 43,000 businesses in the United Sates, Canada and Australia.

The completion rate for “card-not-present” transactions tripled with the companies in Podium’s payment beta. Normally, only two per cent are completed.

“One of the largest things we have always heard from our customers was how difficult it was to conduct the card-not-present transactions that they transact each year, said Eric Rea, CEO of Podium.

“Podium Payments allows businesses to modernize their payments by simply sending a text, solving everything from outstanding invoices such as medical bills or home services jobs to retailers wanting a more convenient way to close a sale through messaging.”


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