CB Supplies moves into new Ontario facility


Mississauga, ON —CB Supplies announced they have officially moved into its new Mississauga custom-built facility at 6825 Maritz Drive.

The new branch, which also serves as a hub for the company’s other warehouses, features 81,000 square feet of space, nearly 40,000 more than its previous location.

“Our custom design has allowed us to optimize our space, improve our picking accuracy and expediency with a better layout and ample room to continue to grow in the future,” said the company in a statement.
CB Supplies said it also owns additional land off the back of the property, so the building can be expanded to approximately 120,000 square feet when needed.

CB Supplies’ new warehouse features the company’s own VIPERT Radiant tubing for the in-floor hydronic heating system installed throughout the office.



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