Copeland celebrates 100th anniversary


The Copeland brand celebrates 100-years in business.

Emerson is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its Copeland brand—a manufacturer of compressors for the air conditioning and refrigeration sectors. To celebrate, they completed a multimillion-dollar expansion of their Copeland engineering facility in Sidney, Ohio. The investment created 110,000 sq. ft. of new engineering lab space for product research, development, and testing.

“The Copeland brand has a proud legacy and even brighter future,” said Jamie Froedge, executive president of Emerson’s commercial and residential solutions business. “Air conditioning and refrigeration technologies are increasingly crucial and necessary foundations of daily life around the world. Through our Copeland brand and our inventive approach, Emerson is using our stewardship position and deep history in this space to drive innovation for a more sustainable world.” Over the next 12 months, Emerson will be celebrating the monumental milestone.

The Copeland brand can trace its history back to 1921 with the inventor Edmund Copeland, who founded the company in Detroit, Michigan. During the Great Depression, the company dealt with some business challenges and sold its assets and operations, where it was relocated to Sidney, Ohio in 1937. Copeland became a part of the Emerson family back in 1986.

At the time of the acquisition, Copeland introduced the first scroll compressor sold under the brand name.


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