Inspection reel


Milwaukee Tool, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, introduces their all-new Modular Pipeline Inspection System. This pipeline inspection system features 1080p HD, self-levelling camera heads, allowing service technicians to zoom up to four-times and pan. The Modular Pipeline Inspection System is built around the M18 500GB Control hub and is compatible with either the 120-foot or 200-foot pipeline inspection reels. The M18 control hub is equipped with a built-in transmitter that energizes the entire length of the push cable. The 200-foot Pipeline Inspection Reel features a 34-mm and a 12-mm push cable that is built to withstand navigating through cast iron, clay, and PVC pipes. The 120-foot reel features a 25-mm and a 10-mm push cable built to maneuver smaller lines. This monitor is also equipped with One-Key Technology, which tracks the tool’s location, manages it in inventory, and locks out the tool if lost or stolen.

Milwaukee Tool


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