NRCan releases new HVAC self-assessment tool


Disclaimer: This photo was taken prior to the global pandemic before mask mandates.

Ottawa, ON — Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) developed a voluntary, self-assessment tool. It highlights key areas and best practices for efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning operation during the global pandemic.

More specifically, it will emphasize the Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) approach and its application to “help owners undertake HVAC operation changes,” explains NRCan on its website. The 4-phase EBCx process can achieve savings of 10 to 15 per cent with additional non-energy benefits.

The self-assessment tool also highlights where HVAC operation can be improved to meet energy efficiency best practices without compromising HVAC pandemic guidelines. It is set to provide the industry with resources and references which can be used as a guide to determine enhanced HVAC operation strategy and plans.

NRCan worked with Energy Work Inc., Technosim and other organizations which provided comments and improvement suggestions.

For access to the self-assessment tool, please visit


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