Quebec to reopen construction industry


The Quebec government has announced that it will reopen the construction industry on May 11. The decision is backed by the province’s public health authorities but is subject to change depending on the province’s health situation.

“At every construction site, the top priority will be that everyone must continue protecting themselves. Our government has worked closely with public health agencies, construction industry partners and the CNESST (Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail) to safeguard workers’ health and safety,” said Jean Boulet, minister of labour, employment and social solidarity and the minister responsible for the Mauricie Region.

“Residential construction sites, which resumed operations on April 20, have demonstrated their agility, adaptability and commitment to protecting the health and safety of their workers. If all goes well, other types of construction sites will return to work on May 11. Rest assured that our government will be there to do everything in its power to help businesses with this reopening. I expect it to proceed smoothly and in strict compliance with the health measures prescribed by public health authorities.”

Administrative workers are still expected to work remotely. Jobsites will resume activity in every sector of the construction industry, including public transportation and roadworks, residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial.

The minister reminded businesses to take the “necessary steps to ensure the reopening is successful.”

A kit is available to workers and employers with information they will need to help manage the risks of COVID-19. The kit is available on the CNESST website.

Inspectors from CNESST will continue to monitor jobsites to ensure that health instructions set out in the Guide COVID-19 – Chantiers de construction are followed.


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