New Canadian think tank calls on government to address climate change


A new independent research institute was launched in Canada which may influence all levels of government concerning climate change – including evaluating the policies related to Canada’s goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices was established on Jan. 21. The work conducted by the group is designed to provide an “integrated, evidence-based and practical perspective to inform climate policy development and decision-making by governments at all levels by bringing together experts from a broad range of disciplines, including economics, climate change adaptation and mitigation, Indigenous knowledge, natural and social science, public policy, energy systems and engineering.”

The initial report from the Institute pushes for policymakers and government officials to expand objectives of climate policy, “embrace Canada’s role” in global outcomes and expand the space of climate policies.

“Climate change has handed us a problem of immense complexity and scale, and there are no easy fixes,” said Peter Nicholson, institute chair. “The choices governments across Canada make today – about which energy resources to develop, what type of infrastructure to invest in, where to build new homes and developments, and what types of risks we need to prepare for – will have long-lasting implications for Canada’s future prosperity, stability, and competitiveness.”

The report says that Canada may risk losing jobs and hurt our economy if the country does not learn to adapt early on.

Their work is supported through a five-year contribution agreement with Environment and Climate Change Canada. The Institute is intended to be an independent organization and retains control over its research, findings, and policy recommendations.


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